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Episode 23: Tux Tales

Scott Bowden welcomes his Beverly Hills neighbor, the dapper-yet-diabolical Tux Newman (Jeff Walton), who orchestrated Randy “Macho Man” Savage’s return to the dark side of Memphis wrestling in late February 1985, guiding his star to memorable, brutal reign as the Southern heavyweight champion of the WORLD.

The twisted talent agent from Tinseltown will dish on how he got his macho client booked in the WWF and explains why Savage insisted on dropping the belt back to the King on his way out.

Tux will also reveal why bad timing may have been the only thing that prevented the Tux Man from having a legendary run under Vince McMahon’s ever-expanding ’80s circus tent.

In addition to sharing his thoughts on everyone from Lance Russell to the King to Jerry Jarrett, the Big T takes the stand to offer his expert analysis regarding the Mil Mascaras MondayNight Mystery. Is this the night Bowden unmasks the truth?!

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