Episode 38: Homecoming King: Ric Flair’s Memphis Wrestling Debut

Episode 38 of the #KFRPod has dropped like a Nature Boy face flop! Scott Bowden & Howard Baum examine the 8.14.82 Memphis TV show as Ric Flair returns to his birthplace to defend the NWA World title vs. the King of the Country Jive, Jerry Lawler!

Bowden explains why this is not only some of the best footage of the territory era but also possibly Lance Russell’s finest hour in the WMC-TV studio. Bowden also dispels some popular rumors about the day in question, praises Memphis promoter Jerry Jarrett’s booking of the finish, and explains why this was a good day for Jimmy Hart and quite possibly the greatest day of ringside photographer Jimmy Cornette, who drove up from Louisville to capture all the action.

Plus, you’ll learn why Ric Flair never returned for his payoff and the promotion’s decision to go with Nick Bockwinkel instead of the Nature Boy for future World title programs with the King of Memphis. All this, plus a look at the unique dynamics of the Dutch Mantell vs. Bill Dundee angle on the same Saturday, and much more.

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