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Episode 15: All The King’s Men

On this week’s KFR podcast, host Scott Bowden begins his look at the angle that led to The Last Sellout: the return of the King to the Mid-South Coliseum on March 3, 1986, which would be the final time Jarrett Promotions sold out the building.

Two of Jerry Lawler’s longtime buddies/teammates who broke into the wrestling business because of the King’s influence join today’s show to discuss their thankless jobs and provide insight into one of the most memorable programs in the territory’s history: Lawler and Dutch Mantell vs. BIl Dundee and Buddy Landel. TV jobber Jim Jamison discusses the trials and tribulations of trainsitioning from the gridiron to the mat with Lawler, and shares his memories of Lance Russell, Jimmy Hart, Jerry Jarrett, and Joe LeDuc.  Jamison also reveals why he loved the job despite its obvious shortcomings and how he almost lost the Memphis gig when he worked a shot as Jim Cornette’s cousin Percy for Houston promoter Paul Boesch for a decent payday and a new haircut.

Jerry Calhoun, the most maligned official in the history of professional sports, discusses his break into the business as well as his thoughts on some of the memorable matches he officiated around the territory in its heyday—including the Last Sellout…and a certain stretcher match on Jan. 29, 1979. Will Calhoun be the unlikely hero who unmasks the Mil Mascaras Monday Night Mystery?! Find out in Espisode 14 of the KFR podcast with Bowden and co-host The Great Brian Last.™

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