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Episode 27: The House That Lawler Built

KFR host Scott Bowden reminisces about Monday night memories at the Mid-South Coliseum with Marvin Stockwell, co-founder of the Coliseum Coalition and Friends of the Fairgrounds. The two Memphians discuss everything that made the Roundhouse the entertainment capital of the Mid-South, including Memphis State Tiger basketball, legendary artists who performed at the arena, who flying-saucer shape provided out-of-this-world acoustics and, yes, the heritage of Memphis wrestling in the House That Lawler Built. Most important, Stockwell provides insight into how the grassroots campaigns of his two community-driven organizations  have helped save the Coliseum while revealing what the future may hold for the longtime legendary home of Memphis wrestling.

Bowden also kicks off his look at the 10 Most Memorable Memphis Wrestling Moments at the Mid-South by welcoming fellow podcaster Kris Zellner, who turns his eyyyeeeeeeeesss on the infamous Empty Arena Match between Jerry Lawler and Terry Funk.

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