Episode 29: Unsolved Mysteries of Memphis

On this special Unsolved Mysteries of #Memphis edition of the KFR Podcast, host Scott Bowden goes face to masked mug with Mil Mascaras during an autograph signing at Los Angeles-area sports-memorabilia speakeasy.

Bowden doesn’t tiptoe gracefully around the issue, asking as many questions as humanly possible to unmask the truth behind the mystery that has had a chokehold on the longtime Memphis fan and manager since he was 8 years old: Was it REALLY  Mil Mascaras in the ring at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis on 1.29.79, doing a stretcher job for promoter Jerry Jarrett’s local legends Jerry Lawler and Jackie Fargo…or was it a ringer?

Mascaras not only answers emphatically, providing photographic evidence, but can also be heard discussing the issue with Bowden, whose ill-fitting skinny jeans  accidentally setting off the voice recorder on his Galaxy Note8 device—finally a break that cracks the case…the answer awaits, true believers!

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