Episode 18: ICW Invasion

Freak out! Scott Bowden is back, right alongside ringside and ready to go with another BIG day of the KFR podcast! This week, KFR is invaded by one of the most infamous performers in the short-but-memorable history of International Championship Wrestling: the leader of the Slapowitz Syndicate, Izzy Slapowitz.

Over the course of nearly 90 minutes, Izzy will reveal how he went from being a boisterous wrestling fan backing the bad guys in Brooklyn to a heat magnet as a manager in the Bible Belt of Tennessee and Kentucky. Izzy will also share his memories of working in Memphis alongside the ICW band of outlaws, including his own “Devil’s Duo” as well as “The One Man Gang” Ronnie Garvin, ICW World champion Randy “Macho Man” Savage, “Hustler” Rip Rogers, Bob Orton Jr., and The Miser (Angelo Poffo).

The former braided pawnbroker will also share stories about Bill Dundee and The Dream Machine (Troy Graham), and Izzy explain why he felt uncomfortable with the shoot promos the ICW stars cut on Jerry Jarrett’s crew. You’ve heard the Jarrett side of the ICW invasion in Memphis—now you get the story from one of the men who lived it! Doing the thing!

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