Episode 24: Men About Town w/ Guest Jim Cornette

KFR host Scott Bowden and his extra-crispy guest, Jim Cornette, honor the 35th anniversary of one of the best bouts ever held in Memphis, which also was featured around the territory’s loop, earning one of the biggest money weeks ever for promoter Jerry Jarret.

This series of bouts featured Jarrett’s two biggest
longtime handpicked stars who worked practically the same match with the same finish to huge crowds in Lexington, Memphis, Nashville and Louisville, June 2—June 7, 1983, with a loser-leaves-town stipulation and the AWA Southern heavyweight title hanging in the balance. They all came to witness Jerry “the King” Lawler defeat “Superstar” Bill Dundee to regain his belt and finally rid the
area of his perennial rival and former ally in what many fans declared the greatest match they ever saw in the territory.

Behind the scenes, Dundee’s departure also resulted in other key names leaving the area, including Cornette, who explains not only the reasons behind that but also why this ’83 series and the ’77 feud clicked with Memphis fans while the ‘79 program between the King
and the Superstar did not. It’s no-holds-barred, must-listen edition of the KFR podcast, complete with rare WHBQ audio you won’t hear anywhere else.

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