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Episode 33: Jeanie’s Shattered Dreams

Scott Bowden reunites with Jeannie Clarke for the first time since meeting in the hallways of WMC-TV 5 prior to live Memphis TV in spring ’91, when the KFR host was breaking into the biz as a snot-nosed 19-year-old referee.

The USWA alumni talk about the stunning career of another future star Scott met that day, Steve Austin, as well as her WCW run and eventual marriage to Austin and her little-known past as the former Mrs. Billy Jack Haynes. Other topics include the booking minds of Chris Adams, Jerry Jarrett, Eddie Gilbert and Eric Embry and how they helped shaped her career as well as Austin’s.

Jeannie speaks candidly about the highs of achieving wrestling stardom with Stone Cold as well as the extreme lows of nearly losing it all when her dreams shattered while her husband’s star continued to shine as bright as the Lone Star State.

All this as well as rare classic audio from the WHBQ Memphis days featuring a heel Danny Hodge subtly threatening to stretch Jerry Lawler in Jonesboro during an interview with Lance Russell in early 1975—you won’t hear this promo anywhere else but on KFR Episode 33!

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