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Episode 44: J.J. Dillon Invades Lawler & Jarrett’s Backyard

The latest KFR episode had dropped with the force of a Kimala belly splash, as host Scott Bowden welcomes the legendary manager of The 4 Horsemen—and Vince McMahon’s former right-hand man in creative—J.J. Dillion.

Together, these two Memphis manager alums discuss J.J.’s short yet memorable runs in Memphis in ’82 & ’84 as well as the booking genius of Eddie Graham and Jerry Jarrett. Dillion talks about his reaction to witnessing Jerry Lawler’s popularity in the territory firsthand, vividly describing the amazing pop of the fans when the King pulled the strap to make his comeback.

Dillion also explains what distinguished himself from other managers like Jimmy Hart, and he also recalls delivering the memorable promo to get over Southern journeyman/jungle savage Sugar Bear Harris as Kimala—sight unseen no less—a reminder of how a mouthpiece can make all the difference for a big lug who can’t cut promos.

All this, plus classic J.J. promos as both a heel and eventually as an unlikely babyface  in Memphis.

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