Episode 31: Class Of ’79

KFR host Scott Bowden has returned from Parts Unknown armed with evidence he claims will be the smoking gun in the Mil Mascaras Monday Night Mystery!

Bowden not only looks back at the night in question of January 29, 1979, but also examines every single card he attended that year as a young fan at the Mid-South Coliseum. Bowden shares his memories of a young Terry “the Hulk” Boulder, Robert Fuller’s booking and ascension near the top of Memphis cards, the emergence and abrupt departure of the Freebirds, thoughts on what made the Tupelo, Miss. concession stand brawl work, the amazing promos of Jackie Fargo and the outlandish antics of Roughhouse Fargo, fresh out of the nuthouse in nearby Bolivar, Tenn., and witnessing his first  AWA World title match in August and his first “World” title change in Memphis.

Bowden and host The Great Brian Last also talk Moolah, Jarrett, Idol, and rare Memphis appearances by Crusher Blackwell…and Tom Snyder?! All this and more on Episode 31, “Class of ’79,” on the KFR Podcast.

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