Episode 26: Baby, He’s A Superstar

On July 4, 1977, Jerry Lawler and Billl Dundee kicked off the greatest summer in Memphis wrestling’s history as he outfoxed Jerry Lawler in the main event at the Mid-South Coliseum, winning $2000 of the King’s coldhearted cash. 41 years later, Dundee joins KFR hosts Scott Bowden and the Great Brian Last® for an explosive interview.

The Superstar will discuss Dundee’s Memphis debut; why he and George Barnes got over so quickly in the territory and skyrocketed to tag-team main events; Billy’s reaction when Barnes told him he was heading back to Australia;, Dundee’s personal feelings on Jerry Lawler; why the scrappy Aussie and ex-wife Beverly agreed to the hair match stips in ’77; the popularity of Memphis wrestling around the world today; and the story of how a young punk from Germantown got his very first autograph of any kind from the Superstar on a black-and-white publicity photo back in 1978.

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